Getting Started

Please contact our office to make an appointment or to refer a person in need of in-home counseling. Referrals can be made by friends, family members or healthcare professionals. With this first call, we ask for general information about the client, detail a brief overview of why counseling is being sought, and set up an appointment for an assessment interview. To make inquiries or to refer a person in need, you can reach our office by e-mail, phone or fax:

Phone: 1-800-277-4680
Fax: 1-888-556-9797

To submit a referral by e-mail or fax, please download and complete our Referral Form.

Download Referral Form

What to expect on the first visit

On our first visit, we conduct an initial interview to find out why therapy is being sought. An ISS therapist will ask questions that illuminate a client’s life and help the counselor assess the client’s support system. For example, a counselor might ask about what kind of work a client did, if he or she was married and had children or not, or if relatives live nearby. This initial interview will help determine the specific needs and treatment goals of the client. We then match the client with an ISS counselor who will develop a treatment plan. Therapy begins when all parties involved can agree about the planned course of treatment.


Integrity Senior Services accepts Medicare/Medicaid coverage and most private insurance plans. Please contact us for more details.